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"We help our customers extract more value from their GIS by working with them to create maps and reports that tell the whole story."

- Rob Lingle


In today's economic climate, we live in an environment where resources are limited and cost savings and cost avoidance are the new norm. The immense size and complexity of data assets have made it difficult for cities, counties and other Geographic Information System (GIS) users to easily distribute meaningful information throughout the organization in a timely manner and within budget. RightSpot provides a low-cost online collaboration center and support system that allows you to instantly share your data in a secure, web-based environment and leverage the power of GIS.


Sustainable Technology

RightSpot offers a sustainable package of products and services to augment or establish your online mapping space. RightSpot works in any browser from any location, eliminating the need for expensive software licenses. Your RightSpot subscription includes all the hardware infrastructure necessary to make your project a success. As your organization grows and your need for mapping space increases, you can select from our pro-rated hardware and support options scaled to meet your needs.


Advanced Mobile Functionality

Mobile services are standardized with HTML 5 to provide instant mobile access to iOS, Android and Blackberry users. Enjoy simplified functionality of the web-based solution from an iPhone, tablet PC or any other mobile device.


Access to GIS Experts

Need help with your mapping project? RightSpot employs a dedicated team of GIS analysts who are experts in their field. No matter how big or how small your project is, our team can help. Interested in GIS but can't afford a GIS department? Let the RightSpot team be your world-class GIS department. Purchase GIS expertise at a fraction of the investment of human capital, hardware, software and more. Already have a GIS department? Let our team help you manage and maintain your GIS so you can start leveraging the power of GIS through analysis.


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