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Richmond Hill Enterprise GIS
Richmond Hill, Georgia

In 2000, the City of Richmond Hill, Georgia embarked on a mission to establish a Geographic Information System (GIS). Recognizing the benefits of GIS, they set out to establish a GIS to manage and document assets, such as water and wastewater systems, and support services, such as zoning, permits, and historical preservation. The City contracted Spatial Engineering, Inc. to collect, convert and populate data for roads, buildings, parcels, water systems, wastewater systems, zoning and other features.

Initial access to the data was limited due to the cost of software and training; only the City Planner and the Fire Chief had access to the city’s asset data. Realizing the potential of using GIS throughout the City’s administration, the City turned to Spatial Engineering to develop a solution to allow the data to be accessible to all authorized City personnel.

In 2005, Spatial Engineering developed the Richmond Hill Enterprise GIS (RHeGIS), a web portal that allows the City’s asset data to be shared efficiently and economically while providing productivity tools for authorized users. RHeGIS provides City personnel with the following:

  • Password protected access
  • Access from any workstation with an internet connection
  • Standardized data
  • Quick and easy access with zero time delay between update and access
  • Data query tools to locate parcels by address, owner, or value
  • Tools to measure, buffer and print maps and parcel sheets

Today, Spatial Engineering supports the RHeGIS throughout its sustainment by managing the website, providing updates for roads, utilities, zoning and other features, and adding additional functionality for specific business processes, such as:

  • Easement letters and notification
  • Fire hydrant testing and reporting
  • Building permits
  • Historical marker management

Richmond Hill, Georgia
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