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Enterprise GIS Implementation
IMA Korea Region Office, South Korea

In 2002, Spatial Engineering, along with IMA Korea Region Office and the US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah and Far East Districts, created the first Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS) that supports IMA KORO facility management in South Korea.

In August 2002, Spatial Engineering outlined an enterprise implementation strategy that allows KORO to support CADD and GIS effectively and to access spatial data easily, reliably, and consistently for all authorized users. In early 2003, the team was given the notice to proceed and began implementing the EGIS plan. Throughout the implementation, Spatial Engineering provided 24 hour back-office telephone and email support across 14 time zones. Later that year, Spatial Engineering brought KORO online. Holding spatial data for 81 installations, this robust system allows authorized users access to the spatial data as well as a variety of customized tools specific to the needs of KORO.

Today, Spatial Engineering continues to support KORO by providing an on-site geospatial analyst who works alongside KORO personnel in sustaining the EGIS implementation.

This implementation reduced data maintenance from 5-10 years to 24-48 hours; and provided the first ever single point of access to spatial data at all 81 Army installations.

The IMCOM IGI&S implementation is being modeled after the KORO EGIS.

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