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Spatial Engineering, Inc. is composed of a team of talented engineering, science and technology professionals who strive to lead the industry with cutting-edge geospatial solutions. Each team member brings unique experience to the company, allowing us to engineer unique, forward-thinking solutions to our clients.

The Spatial Engineering staff capitalizes on their diverse professional expertise to bring together a synergy for maximizing GIS. Our employees participate in numerous forums and conferences in support of GIS education and development. Spatial Engineering invests in training opportunities to stay up to date on the latest advances in information technology. Spatial Engineering readily accepts the challenge.

Richard L. Truluck, PE

Richard L. Truluck, P.E., President and co-founder, has over 30 years experience in geotechnical engineering and computer information systems. Mr. Truluck worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers where he managed and implemented GIS projects for Department of Defense activities worldwide.




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