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Infrastructure Spatial Intelligence Portal
US Army Central Command, Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina

In 2005, Spatial Engineering teamed with the US Army Corps of Engineers to manage US Army Central Command’s (ARCENT) critical base camp (real property and real estate) data to support mission readiness before, during and after contingency situations. Together, the team outlined a multi-phase approach for an enterprise database solution that supports desktop, web and remote clients. In August 2006, Infrastructure Spatial Intelligence Portal (ISIP) began serving clients across 13 UTM zones in 25 countries. Today, Spatial Engineering continues to support ARCENT throughout sustainment by providing an on-site geospatial manager, an Oracle database administrator, and a geospatial analyst.

  • Web GIS Portal
  • Database Development
  • Data Collection and Integration
  • Customized Training
  • SDSFIE Compliant
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