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GIS Services

Data Collection and Integration

Geospatial Consulting (Needs Assessment, Implementation Planning, Etc)

  • Implementation Planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Test and evaluation
  • Configuration management and change management
  • Deployment management

Enterprise GIS
Spatial Engineering specializes in enterprise GIS technology.

Enterprise GIS Implementation, South Korea
The US Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District selected Spatial Engineering to provide enterprise technology integration services to the IMA Korea Region Office (KORO) facility management in South Korea. This project created the first Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS) that supports the IMA Korea Region Office (KORO).

Spatial Engineering developed an enterprise implementation strategy that would allow KORO to support CADD and GIS simultaneously and allow easy, reliable and consistent access to spatial data for all authorized users at various locations.

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