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Web and Applications Development

Spatial Engineering has developed numerous customized software applications that simplify, integrate and leverage GIS.

Spatial Data Retrieval System (SDRS)
An ArcGIS extension that provides easy, consistent access to spatial data. SDRS provides customized, professional map layouts, simple location queries, custom settings and more without the need for MXD files.

Web Site Tool (WSITE)
A web-based tool that supports planners and charrette teams with project siting for future developments. WSITE allows planners and charrette teams to locate the project site in map view, draw the future site boundaries, analyze the site and post the site to the Future Development layer in the spatial database. This tool allows users to have a complete site analysis in minutes, rather than weeks.

Web-based Excavation Permit System (WEPS)
A web-based tool for requesting, approving, and viewing digging permits at various locations. By implementing WEPS, the excavation permit process is significantly reduced from 2-3 weeks to less than 2 days.

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