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Bryan County GIS Implementation
Pembroke, Georgia

Located along the Georgia coast just south of historic Savannah, Bryan County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Between 2000 and 2006, its total population increased by over 20%. To handle the rapid growth, the County embarked on a mission to create a robust Geographic Information System (GIS) that would house parcel, utility, zoning, and other County data. Bryan County called upon Spatial Engineering, Inc. to design and implement a GIS system that would allow the County to easily manage their data and increase productivity.

Spatial Engineering delivered a package complete with a custom database schema design; integrated parcel maps georeferenced, digitized and attributed from 180 hard copy maps; supporting data layers, such as infrastructure, environmental, and political; parcel map books; GIS support, including a user’s manual documenting the database design, data policies, maintenance workflows, and custom procedures and on-site training; and ParcelView, a custom-developed tool that integrates the county’s WinGap tax database and GIS parcel information. Spatial Engineering provided the county with a standalone GIS complete with custom tools that allow the County to maintain and analyze data and easily generate maps.

Only days after project completion, Dan Rollf, Chief Tax Assessor, stated that the GIS saved the County approximately $450,000 in cost avoidance by being able to address a flood zone issue that they could not refute without the GIS.

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