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Introducing RightSpot, A New Wave of Mapping Services


October 2, 2012 – Today, Spatial Engineering, Inc. celebrated the release of RightSpot, a sustainable package of products and services designed to augment or establish online mapping space for the masses. RightSpot allows users to move beyond the mundane tasks of creating and maintaining spatial data on a daily basis to leveraging the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) through analysis. The RightSpot team works with users to create maps and reports that tell the whole story, extracting more value from GIS.


 “Spatial Engineering has been helping large organizations improve the quality and capability of their GIS for over a decade,” says Rob Lingle, Spatial Engineering’s Vice President of Research and Development. “Although the costs of maintaining enterprise-grade systems have dropped in recent years, we see many organizations that are still unable to implement an effective GIS because they lack the expertise, funding or manpower to get started. With RightSpot, we’ve created a streamlined process that allows each customer to create the best mix of technical support to keep their data in top form and web map functionality to make their data available from anywhere.”


RightSpot works in any browser from any location, eliminating the need for expensive software licenses. RightSpot has options that provide everything needed to make a project of any size and focus successful. As the need for mapping space increases, users can select from our pro-rated hardware and support options scaled to meet demand.


According to Ricky Truluck, PE, President of Spatial Engineering, “Organizations with limited GIS budgets need a 'force multiplier' to overcome the challenges with information management and data sharing.” Access to the organization's data is key to getting the job done. Many organizations recognize web access as that force multiplier; however, it is generally too expensive for limited budgets to procure, manage, and sustain.” How is RightSpot different? “RightSpot provides a cost effective way to assemble, manage, share, and access data across the web. RightSpot is the 'force multiplier’!"


Learn more about RightSpot at www.rightspot.is.

Spatial Engineering Names Robert Lingle, III Vice President of Research and Development


March 15, 2012 – Robert Lingle, III was recently named Spatial Engineering’s Vice President of Research and Development. In this role, he will oversee Spatial Engineering’s development team and efforts for all geospatial application development for projects worldwide. “As head of development, I will ensure that we are ready to support widespread adoption of IOP while continuously improving its capabilities. Having been involved with IOP and most of our other products from the ground up, I am proud of what we have accomplished so far and am grateful for the opportunity to head Spatial Engineering’s development efforts,” Rob says of his recent promotion.


Since 2003, Rob has served as the technical lead for development on several of Spatial Engineering’s core projects, including Special Operations Facility Management and Analysis program (SOFMAP) for US Army Special Operations Command, Infrastructure Spatial Intelligence Portal (ISIP) for US Army Central Command and IOP.


Rob is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.


Rob is optimistic about his career and the future of the company. “Spatial Engineering has some great prospects on the horizon. IOP is receiving recognition throughout the Army’s GIS community as the best tool on the market for ensuring data quality,” he says.


Learn more about IOP, Spatial Engineering’s solution for managing the enterprise and ensuring data assurance, by clicking here.


Candice Scale Named SAME Atlanta Post’s Young Member of the Year


March 2, 2012 – Candice Scale was recently named Young Member of the Year by the Atlanta Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). The award, presented by Frank Ward, President of SAME Atlanta Post, is awarded annually to a distinguished young member of the Atlanta Post for outstanding service to the Post. Candice was recognized for her contributions to the Atlanta Post, where she currently serves as Young Member Chair and a Post Director. In 2011, she served as chair of the planning committee for the 40th Annual Shrimp Boil, which raised more than $4,000 for the Post’s education and mentoring fund.


Candice Scale is the Marketing and Strategic Development Lead for Spatial Engineering, Inc. She provides business development services for the Department of Defense market sector as well as support on proposals and other marketing efforts. Candice joined Spatial Engineering in 2007 and is a graduate of Georgia Southern University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Geographic Information Systems.


Spatial Engineering Announces Release of IOP | Data Quality Assurance

January 5, 2012 - Spatial Engineering, a leading geospatial engineering firm headquartered near Savannah, Georgia, announced the release of IOP | Data Quality Assurance.

“IOP is the only product on the market that allows data stewards and editors to fulfill the mission of their enterprise GIS by ensuring the integrity of the data independently of toolsets and by providing controlled data access to users and applications,” said Les Sears, Vice President of Research and Development at Spatial Engineering.

“People expend huge resources implementing data management solutions only to find they cannot answer basic management questions about their data like who, when, what, how, and do we check for that.  IOP answers these questions. Imagine CADD users, GIS users, and web users working on a single authoritative database with no data conversion.  IOP does,” said Ricky Truluck, President of Spatial Engineering.

IOP is a highly customizable, web-based quality assurance system developed for use with an enterprise GIS. It allows users to produce high quality GIS data faster by: automating workflows; providing hierarchical user management; managing data ownership for tables, layers, etc., independently of desktop software; providing custom quality control checks; enabling users to identify errors real-time; and allowing users to undo errors.

Several US military installations are in the process of implementing Spatial Engineering’s newest product release.

More information about Spatial Engineering’s IOP can be found at www.spatialengineering.com/iop.html


SAME Atlanta Post Names Spatial Engineering Small Business Sustaining Member Firm of the Year

February 10, 2011 - The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Atlanta Post has awarded Spatial Engineering, Inc. (SEI) the Small Business Sustaining Member Firm of the Year award for 2011.

This award is presented to the small business sustaining member whose accomplishments to the local Post were significant during the 2010-2011 SAME year.

Key members of Spatial Engineering – including Ricky Truluck, President, Dennis Calbreath, Vice President of Programs and Project Management, and Candice Scale, Marketing Representative – accepted the award on behalf of the company at the post awards luncheon on February 10, 2011.

About the Society of American Military Engineers

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), the premier professional military engineering association in the United States, unites architecture, engineering construction (A/E/C), facility management and environmental entities and individuals in the public and private sectors to prepare for—and overcome—natural and manmade disasters, and to improve security at home and abroad. To learn more about SAME, visit www.same.org.

About Spatial Engineering, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Spatial Engineering is a leading geospatial engineering firm located near beautiful Savannah, Georgia. In addition to offering a variety of geospatial services, Spatial Engineering provides complete geospatial solutions to public and private sector clients worldwide to support every CAD and GIS need. For more information about Spatial Engineering, visit www.spatialengineering.com.


LizardTech’s Express Server Software Awarded Certificate of Networthiness

Seattle, Washington – July 27, 2010 – LizardTech®, a division of Celartem Inc. and a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing geospatial content, announced that its Express Server™ 6.1 software has received a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. Express Server’s submission for certification was facilitated by Spatial Engineering, a leading geospatial engineering firm located near Savannah, Georgia.

"After thoroughly evaluating several potential solutions, it is clear that LizardTech Express Server is the only choice for managing large volumes of imagery,” said Les Sears, Spatial Engineering’s vice president of research and development. “Express Server's delivery of compressed imagery, ease of integration and performance greatly enhance the functionality and usability of our geospatial applications."

Express Server is LizardTech’s stable and easy-to-use solution for distributing imagery in standard geospatial formats and along with GeoExpress™ is the second product in LizardTech’s Express Suite line of geospatial software to receive certification. With Express Server, users on any device access imagery faster, even over low-bandwidth connections.

The Certificate of Networthiness signifies that Express Server is configured to the current Army Golden Master (AGM) baseline and complies with all U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DoD) standards for security, compatibility and sustainability. A CoN is required for all enterprise software products in the Army Enterprise Infrastructure Network. Certification applies to the U.S. Army as well as all National Guard, Army Reserve and DoD organizations that use the Army Enterprise Infrastructure Network.

“Receiving certification from the U.S. Army is a significant honor,” said Jon Skiffington, LizardTech’s director of marketing. “By demonstrating that our software meets the DoD’s strict security requirements, our customers within the US Army can now rapidly establish an Express Server installation to deliver imagery to their forward-deployed users, even over bandwidth-starved connections.”

More information about LizardTech’s Express Server software can be found at www.lizardtech.com/products/exp/.

About Spatial Engineering
Founded in 2000, Spatial Engineering is a leading geospatial engineering firm located near beautiful Savannah, Georgia. In addition to offering a variety of geospatial services, Spatial Engineering provides complete geospatial solutions to public and private sector clients worldwide to support every CAD and GIS need. For more information about Spatial Engineering, visit www.spatialengineering.com.

About LizardTech
Since 1992, LizardTech has delivered state-of-the-art software products for managing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data such as aerial and satellite imagery and LiDAR data. LizardTech pioneered the MrSID® technology, a powerful wavelet-based image encoder, viewer, and file format, and sits on the Technical Committee of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the purpose of extending the capabilities of JPEG 2000 to geospatial applications, driving cross-platform interoperability and rapid Internet distribution for geospatial imagery. LizardTech has offices in Seattle, London and Tokyo and is a division of Celartem Technology Inc. (Hercules: 4330). For more information about LizardTech, visit www.lizardtech.com or call 206-652-5211 or toll free 1-866-725-5211.

About Celartem
Celartem Technology Inc. develops and sells innovative technologies for storage, access and distribution of rich media content. Celartem has developed technology in the areas of digital image compression, scalable image viewing and secure content distribution and management. Celartem is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange, Hercules: 4330. Established in 1996, Celartem is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has a wholly owned subsidiary, Celartem Inc., with headquarters in Seattle.


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